The Austrian research studio FACTS performs applied research and development with the purpose to achieve an international winning margin in human factors technologies and services. Under consideration of the global miniaturisation trend, FACTS identifies its objectives with the development of wearable measurement systems that are capable to unobtrusively extract, quantify, visualise and automatically interpret critical human factors. FACTS concentrates its resources on an innovative multipurpose platform for eye tracking combined with wearable multi-sensory information processing for the quantitative estimation of orientation, viewpoint and behaviour in relation to the product and the user interaction. Advanced wearable – inertial, textile and physiological – sensor technologies will be combined or separately applied with visual information, with the purpose to track and analyse client attention behaviour. FACTS developed novel eye tracking systems that are innovated through (i) AI enabled – cognitive – video analyses for automated classification of huge data and (ii) the combination of multi-sensory positioning and behaviour sensing will enable innovative geo-referenced representations of human factors.

The required expertises are represented by a consortium with international experience: JOANNEUM RESEARCH provides R&D on wearable multi-sensory system technologies including video analysis for the quantitative estimation of behaviour and attention, CURE contributes with usability engineering, motivation research, as well as stress and emotion factors, Graz University of Technology contributes with cognitive vision methods, and FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences – works on social target group specific user modelling and visualisation in perception laboratories.

The presented has been partly funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) under contract n°832045 Research Studio Austria FACTS.